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Facebook Guide for the Aspiring Marketer

Nowadays Facebook reached far beyond the simple social media platform that is used for communication and posting funny photos and videos. It has become a powerful tool of promotion. It can either make your business successful or add to its destruction.


That is why every business needs to establish a strong presence on Facebook. It is becoming more and more important to build connection with your followers and potential clients through the social media, especially this one.


Over 6 billion people from all over the world use Facebook today, so for an aspiring business it is crucial to master it.


Facebook marketing has been pursued only few years back, even though the platform itself existed long before that. Facebook has all the advantages marketer needs – simple and convenient design, ability to reach people from all over the world and easily distinguish the targeted audience you are going for – based on age, gender, interests, location and level of education.


These tools make reaching your audience extremely easy.


However, creating a successful Facebook marketing strategy proved a difficult task – since almost everyone is on Facebook, it means the competition is also huge.


There are no benefits without difficulties, it seems.


That is why we’ve decided to introduce you to some simple yet important rules of running a successful Facebook campaign:


1. Keep your content unique


With the enormous amount of posts appearing on Facebook every second, your post can be lost over the piles of other people expressing their thoughts at the very moment it was posted. That is no good for your social campaign since the conversions will be extremely low in this case.


To build an effective Facebook marketing campaign, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness of your Facebook ads.


Do you wonder which steps you need to take to make it happen? Create ads that make a difference. Slogans that stand out. If you work on your ad hard enough, it can even go viral, compensating for all your efforts and sleepless nights while working on it.


To make your ads stand out, use bold and bright colors. Use unusual formats and types to make sure the ad attracts the audience’s attention.


2. Choose the right timing


The main aim of the marketer who is placing an ad on Facebook is for that ad to be noticed by the targeted audience. In order to reach it, you need to consider a handful of factors that can influence the ad's performance - both in the positive and negative way.


Among the other aspects that you should research - audience preferences, posts that get the most engagement etc. there is one thing of a crucial importance: timing.


Depending on the type of the audience you targeting you may need to post in different times of the day. You need to study the insights carefully to determine the time when your targeted audience is the most active and adapt your posting strategy accordingly.


You also need to keep in mind the differences that may appear because of the time zones.


If you find the time when your audience is active on Facebook, you'll raise your chances for receiving more conversions thus making the campaign highly effective, resulting in better results and increasing the brand awareness.


3. Determine the targeted audience


The truth is, you do not need to target all 6 billion of people present on Facebook at once. They are not your targeted audience.


Among those 6 billion there definitely are a couple of billions of even more who will never buy your products or order your services as these are simply not designed for them. The sixteen-year old girl won't be interested in anti hair-loss products, just as 75-years old woman - in roller skates (well, there surely are exceptions to each rule, but they are hardly relevant enough to be taken into account.


Therefore, trying to design a promotional campaign that will be targeting all the 6 billion users would be not only extremely costly - it would be useless.


Building a successful promotional campaign demands understanding the needs of your audience, therefore offering the product to the people who might actually buy it. Keep that in mind while developing your campaign. Thankfully, Facebook targeting options are quite broad and allow you target the specific groups you are interested in.


4. Take notice of the dimensions


When you are posting on Facebook, the right images can get you up to 30% more engagement. That is why keeping them high-quality is extremely important.


The dimensions Facebook requires are 1200 by 600 pixels, smaller images will be less visible and attractive for your targeted audience.


Always check if your slogans are easily readable, too - difficult font or unpleasant colors can ruin everything in the blink of an eye.


Use every means you've got to make your images more bright and noticeable - that's what your ad's success depends on.


5. Take action


Do you want to increase your ROI visibly? Try thinking different. Not only should your content be unique, it must also be relevant and have a social impact.


Do not reprint news - create them. Organize events, commence quizzes and run questionnaires, engage your audience into conversations.


Do not follow the opinion leaders - become one. Make it a rule to give expert commentaries on every new development in your niche. Keep your comments professional and useful to maximize the positive result it will have on your authority.


And when you become an opinion leader, you'll make your brand flourish on Facebook neatly and easily!


Good luck and let us know if you have any interesting ideas on Facebook promotion, in the comments below!

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