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Best Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Effective

Facebook is the main social platform you should be concerned about when you promote your brand. Before starting a paid advertising campaign we advise you to check if your page is optimized and functioning properly.


Here are 8 ways to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook page:


1. Don’t miss the notifications


You can also check the new notification you’ve received by clicking on a world icon at the top right corner of your Facebook page. If you are going to promote your brand via this page, you need to know everything that happens around it.


In order to do that maximize the notifications.


The algorithm is simple: click the Settings option on your page and then proceed to Notifications area.


You can set all the notifications you want to receive with the help of the Settings option.


Make sure you check your notifications regularly so always know what kind of engagement you are getting. Via notifications you can even view activity on older posts.


Check the Notifications regularly so that nothing goes past you.


2. Calibrate the post attribution


If you manage your business page and at the same time have a personal account in Facebook, make sure you define when you want to leave a comment from your own page and when it has to be a brand’s page answer.


You can adjust this option in the Settings menu.


You can also choose how the comment will be displayed under each post individually. Click the icon in the lower-right corner of the post to choose whether you will use a personal account or a business page.


You can also check your default preferences via selecting Post Attribution option in the Settings menu.


This option is useful if you don’t need to switch between your personal and business accounts very often.


3. Stay safe


One of the main things you should remember about Facebook is the importance of keeping your page secure. That is especially true with business accounts connected to a certain brand, where several people can have admin rights. Make sure the admin rights are given only to those you trust completely.


Admin rights are very important – admins have rights to add or remove other admins, or even delete the page completely. That is the power you definitely do not want in the wrong hands.


To check the list of people that have administrator rights select Settings options and click Page Roles in the left sidebar. If you’re a full admin of the page you can delete the people who do not need the access to the page anymore by clicking the X.


By clicking the X near your name you can remove yourself as an admin. Use it to leave the pages you no longer need.


4. Don’t log in from multiple locations


That one is a serious security risk. You probably don’t check that very often, but some of your old session might still be active, and who knows, what kinds of danger might follow.


You can see what sessions are active via Security option situated in the left sidebar of the Settings menu. Choose Where You’re Logged In to see all of your sessions and click End Activity to close the old sessions.


End all of the sessions you’re not using right now, even mobile ones.


5. Use the Save feature


Do you remember about the importance of posting interesting, unique and high-quality content? Well, if you do, then you also know such content isn’t easy to find and therefore must be cherished.


Sometimes you may find something interesting in the situation when you cannot share it immediately (for one of the various reasons).


Facebook has a special feature to make sure that doesn’t become a problem. It’s called the Save feature and allows you to bookmark interesting posts in order to share or simply read them later.


To use it simply click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the post. There you’ll see the Save feature.


Save whatever you want to come back to!


To review the saved posts simply go to the Saved area.


6. Schedule your posts


To save time and still post regularly you can schedule them for a certain time with the help of Facebook Scheduler app.


Or, if you so prefer, you can use third-party schedulers like Hootsuite or Post Planner – Facebook allows that.


Keep your reserves in the Drafts area.


With this help you can sleep well and still post at the most engaging time – early in the morning and late in the evening!


7. Use Facebook Insights


I bet you didn’t know Facebook provides a possibility of download the Facebook Insights for the last 180 days of activity or 500 posts.


That gives you an opportunity to study the data from your page deeper, understand the algorithms, patterns and strengthen your brand’s presentation.


Download the data and review all the clicks, likes and comments on each post, link clicks, other clicks and photo views.


With that option you will be able to understand which parts of your strategy work well with the fans and which not so much.


Post engagement for the last 180 days might just give you a hint to it.


8. Check the Support History


Choose Facebook’s Page Support submissions in the Settings area to follow the path of your request to the Support.


If the technicians haven’t solved your problem, you can easily reopen it and demand attention and justice.


Check your personal profile Support Inbox to see the status of your message if it’s not resolved yet. Click on the down arrow in the upper-right corner to select the Support Inbox of your personal profile.


All the responses from Facebook to the questions and requests you have submitted are stored there.


Check which ones are resolved and which ones need reopening.


With these steps, developing your Facebook strategy and promoting your page will be not only easier, but also faster and funnier.


You’ll receive sheer pleasure from your work – and will still get it done!


Use these 8 tips of improving Facebook performance to optimize your page.


Don’t shy away from success!

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