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Best Tricks for Free Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the largest social platform nowadays, uniting more than 1,49 billion active users per month. With its help promoting your brand can become an easy task. That is, of course, if you know what steps you need to take to accomplish the goal of your campaign.


Traditional goal of a marketer is widening your reach and attracting new followers and customers, and an easiest way to do it is to buy Facebook ads. However, even a small company that cannot allow any extra spending on advertising can get new followers and become successful through Facebook.


There is a way of building a highly effective Facebook campaign without spending a single dime on it. Facebook has a wide range of free online tools that can help you with that.


Here you can see top 5 ways to reach your audience and save money at the same time.


1. Study your audience


Your posts receive different reaction from your fans. If you analyze the engagement your latest posts received (Facebook offers such an opportunity), you can get to know your fans better. What makes them engage? Which one provokes them to emotional reaction?


Once you choose 10 posts that received the most engagement you must study them for similarities. Find a pattern that makes them popular. Are they connected by a single theme? Do they contain videos or images? If so, which ones? Are those similar, too?


As soon as you learn the pattern, use it to make more people engage with your posts and grow your following.


2. Choose the best content


When you attune to posting to the topics that go well with your audience, you should move to the next step – increasing the quality of your posts so they get more attention, are shared more often and therefore are seen by larger amounts of potential fans and customers.


But becoming more successful, once you’ve reached a certain point of organic growth, isn’t that easy. It requires a well-thought-through strategy. And to build one, you need to answer several questions:


- What topics make your audience react?


- What themes are currently discussed in your niche?


- How can you make this post useful for your fans?


3. Use precise targeting


If the page you are running has more than 100 fans, Facebook gives you a great opportunity to advertise more effectively by targeting your posts.

Targeting is available based on several key characteristics: gender, age, relationship status, education, geography and so much more.


You can turn on the organic targeting of your posts. This is simple – all you need is to go to the page setting and select the “Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my Page” option. After that you will see the targeting icon in the bottom left corner.


With that, you can show your posts only to the fans that answer certain measurements you’ve chosen, and are likely to engage with the post or become interest in the product or service you’re offering.


4. Be smart at timing


All of your previous efforts will be for nothing if you don’t learn to publish your posts when the fans will be able to see them. Timing is a key element to your Facebook marketing strategy.


Your posts will get higher engagement if you post them early in the morning or late at night. Remember to consider different time zones if you’re targeting more than one country.


You should also analyze your posts again to see which time works best for your audience. It can be done through the Post report via Facebook insights.


Don’t forget to post on weekends, too. People usually have more free time to surf the Internet when they are not working.


5. Connect your posts to the email marketing


You definitely have a mailing list that you frequently inform of your brand’s news, offers and sales. Incorporate your posts into that letters to attract your existing clients and subscribers to your Facebook page.


That will allow you to deepen your connection with the existing customers and also widen your reach.


Facebook is a great marketing site. And not only to those that can allow the global ad campaign. There is a variety of highly effective tips and tricks to grow your following without spending money.


And the five you have just read will be enough to become successful!

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