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Best Facebook Rules for Your Business

In 2016, every marketing strategy includes creating a strong presence on Facebook. Boosting a business is also much easier with the timely help of Facebook ads.


This social platform has earned the name of the most popular network in all the web, leaving its competitors, including Twitter and Google+, far behind. That is why mastering the peculiarities of Facebook is necessary if you want to turn your aspiring business into an internationally known brand.


Facebook is the best tool for expanding your reach, attracting new followers, generating leads and gaining conversions. Ultimately, it also helps you to boost sales.


However, life won’t be so peachy unless you have a decent and thought-through Facebook marketing strategy.


Otherwise, your Facebook story will turn into an endless fight for survival, followed with a desperate search for unique content. If that is how you roll, eventually you will fail, and fail ultimately.


We are here so it doesn’t happen.


We’ve prepared you a set of simple steps that will help you actually attract new followers, engage in meaningful conversation with them, and turn them into your devoted customers.


Take a note of these 6 Facebook rules for your business:


1. Do not forget to boost the posts


You want to get the best results without serious costs – that’s understandable. However, sometimes you cannot get the results you want without investing in your Facebook campaign.


Since Facebook has changed its algorithm, to appear in the news feeds of your followers you are going to need a boost. We mean, literally. You will need to use Facebooks advertisement options and boost your posts to get them shown more often.


Do not get sad – that is a smart investment, since you get plenty of advertisement options and can choose your targeted audience based on a variety of characteristics: location, age, gender, education level and interests.


For a moderate sum of money, boosted posts appear higher in your audience’s news feeds.


The money you need to pay depend on the amount of people you want to show the post to. It is better not to boost every post, though. Choose the ones you need for promoting your product, encourages people to proceed to your main website or informs people about your sales or limited offers.


2. Talk with the audience


To keep your content unique and interesting, turn to your audience for insights. Posts, photos or suggestions of your devoted fans can become a great source of inspiration for you brand. All you need to do is open your eyes and see the possibilities Facebook offers you in the field of communicating with followers and customers.


You can also learn a lot from studying the targeted audience’s behavior: which posts get the most attention from your audience, which ones are ignored and which cause the inflow or outflow of followers.


You can also determine your targeted audience via Audience Insights and in the future work for that segment of Facebook users exclusively.


3. People love pictures


You might have heard it already, but posts containing pictures tend to get up to 30% more engagement on Facebook.


A good picture can truly save your post since it boosts link clicks, too – up to 84%.


Of course, to play the image factor to your advantage you need to be careful and mindful while following some pretty simple rules:


- Take the high-resolution photos;


- Remember about the dimensions Facebook demands so the photos do not get cropped;


- Take photos of real people and focus on their faces;


- Transmit emotions;


- Keep the text short.


4. People love contests even more


People are much more likely to follow your brand if they expect to get something in return – it is the truth you cannot run away from.


That is why contests and sales, as well as bonuses for the most active and devoted fans are your way to get to the heart of your audience.


Make sure to organize and promote small giveaways from time to time – the costs aren’t too high and, besides, you get much more in conversions, followers, website traffic, brand awareness and, in the end, actual sales!


You can also use the contest to expand your mailing list.


5. Get the answers from the fans


Communication is incredibly important. That is why you need to use every opportunity to engage with your followers and get their opinion on your brand.


And, besides the audience insights, you can achieve that through talking to the people who leave comments under your posts and photos.


To learn your audiences’ opinion on the specific questions you can also start queries and questionnaires.


Do not hesitate to reach out – it will only strengthen your position and help you show the fans that you care.


6. Uniqueness is key


Tons of things has been said about that, and yet so many brands still think they can survive by reposting boring and banal things for a thousandth time.


You need to generate unique content that will be useful for your audience and this is where we come to the rule of running a brand’s Facebook page – tell, not only sell.


Try offering your audience some unique material: some expert insights on the situation, news and ideas that you feel might be interesting for them.


Make sure you are communicating, and not only pushing your products – the latter might have a devastating effect on your


7. Time is of the essence


Audience is not the only factor that matters – you need also to consider the time of the post. There are a lot of factors to be considered – the time zones, when are your followers most active on Facebook, and so on.


Data show that views and engagement are significantly lower from Monday to Wednesday, so it’s better not to post the things important to you these days.


It is better to wait until Thursday or Friday which are the best time to post important things – they have more chances to go viral these days.


Use these 7 rules to master Facebook and grow your brand significanty!

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