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An Insight to Facebook: 3 Main Rules

Not so long ago Facebook introduced a new feature called Facebook Insights that can help you to get the most out of your Facebook page and learn more about the rules of Facebook engagement, inviting more followers and driving more traffic to your brand’s main website.


Facebook offers you five analytical reports to help organize your strategy. All of them are accessible directly from your account.


The Overview Report gives you all the necessary data on the engagement with your five latest posts.


The Reach report clarifies on how many people on Facebook saw your page and their engagement. The negative data (unlikes, spam, etc.) are also shown.


The Post report gives you all the data about your posts engagement.


The People report gives you data on the people engaging with your page.


The Likes report details the data on Likes you have received.


If you are a marketer who decided to boost his Facebook page with the help of Facebook Insights, there are three main aspects you need to know.


Among the many options and reports Facebook Insights offer there are three that are most crucial to your success.


You need to view and analyze them regularly:


1. Posts report


This analytics helps you learn which topics encourage your fans to engage and which don’t.


Posts report is divided into four sections:


First shows you how many of your followers are currently active on Facebook.


Second shows which post types – videos, photos or texts – get more engagement from your followers.


Third chooses the most engaging posts from the pages you watch.


Fourth gives data on all of your recently published posts. It also allows you to rank your posts by engagement.


The algorithm is the following: click Engagement, then choose Likes, Comments and Shares. Then your posts will appear in the order from the most engaging to the least engaging ones.


2. The Reach Report


The Reach report gives you data at all changes in engagement over the last 30 days – both positive and negative.


It is also divided into four parts.


First one shows how many people saw your posts.


Second one shows positive engagement – likes, shares, new followers.


Third one shows negative changes.


Fourth gives you the data on total reach – all the people that saw your posts.


It is vital to quickly adapt your strategy and see which changes pay off and which decrease your reach.


To do that you simply need to compare the two weeks before implementing your strategy and then the two weeks after.


This will help you to keep in touch with your audience.


3. People report


People report shows you how many people are already engaged with your brand, read, share and like your posts. It can help you in customizing ads.


You need to view the People Engaged bar inside the People report.


You will receive the data on demographics and geography of your most loyal followers and learn how to engage more.


Then you can use Boosted posts to target new people of the same race, gender and location who are more likely to engage with your posts.


Facebook Insights can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting to know your audience!


Try it and you’ll never regret it!

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