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9 Tips for Learning Facebook Marketing

If you want to grow your following significantly, raise your sales and become a Facebook wonder, you need to watch the top trends that are going to be essential during the next year.


With several quite simple tricks you can master Facebook marketing in no time.


Here are top 9 tips and tricks that will help you to succeed in Facebook marketing in 2016:


1. Interact as your business page


Engaging is an essential element to every Facebook strategy. Commenting, liking and sharing others’ pages, photos or posts are important. However, there is a way to raise the engagement you get back.


All you need to do is to comment and engage with other users as a business page. In order to interact as a business page you need to choose the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and choose the option Use Facebook as: (Your business page).


From now on every comment you leave under someone’s post will be made on behalf of your business page.


This trick can help you attract more followers to your business page and therefore increase the traffic flow.


2. Help out other business (and request some help in return)


Improving your Facebook stats is a task that can be managed much easier with the help of some friends. So try to reach out to other businesses – share their posts, compliment them and introduce them to your audience.


Of course, you need to agree in advance that they will promote you in return and allow you to connect to their own followers and targeted audience.


This handshake marketing can prove surprisingly effective.


Just make sure the help is mutual.


3. Use Facebook analytics


Knowing the age, gender, location and hobbies of your targeted audience is vital for building a strategy that will help you get them interested in your product and become your devoted customer.


Facebook has a unique feature called the Facebook advertising pixel that can easily track all of that for you. All you need is to set up a business account with the advertisement option, then create the pixel and then embed it into the website code.


Now you’re ready to learn everything there is to know about your visitors and potential customers.


Analyze and modify your strategy accordingly!


4. Post at unconventional time


Most people choose the traditional time for publishing on Facebook, namely between 8:00 A.M. and 600 P.M. They’ve got a pattern – and you need to break it in order to stand out and get noticed.


Co not be afraid to experiment once in a while, introduce something fresh, even if it is simply the unconventional publishing time.


If you post at traditional time, it will inevitably get lost among the thousands of other posts.


Maybe it will be better to try posting when you will be the only News feed update for some followers?


Try posting before or after this window of bombardment at 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. You can get up to 25% increase in engagement through that trick.


5. Start with Facebook ads then grow organically


When your page and especially the brand is new, getting the initial 1000 of followers might not be the easiest thing in the world. Unless of course, your brand is already famous, but that is an entirely different case that demands a separate strategy.


That is why you might consider using Facebook ads to get initial following. That can be very helpful if you don’t have big blog traffic, email lists, or social following on your main website.


That is going to cost you some money, of course, but Facebook ads are cheaper than you would expect. Each page like only cost several cents.


Make sure you are targeting the relevant audience, of course, so you don’t waste money.


6. Use your other social accounts and blogs


If you have already established a presence on other social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, make sure you can reroute them to your Facebook page, too.


In order to do that, include the links to your business page in your description field.


You can also install a Facebook like box on your website or blog.


By the way, you can share your blog posts on your Facebook page. It will help you solve two problems at once: help in generating unique and high quality content and create the followers interflow between your Facebook, website and blog.


7. Make your business page your occupation


It is yet one more simple trick that can get you more transitions and followers.


People that become friends with you usually browse through your profile to learn more about you, and it’s a great opportunity to make them check out your business page while they are at it.


If you organize your business page right, one look  at your interesting and unique posts will be enough to make them interesting and make them want some more about you.


Then these people may become your followers and, later, even devoted customers.


8. Become a brand


In order to promote you company you must become known as an expert yourself. This can be achieved by writing for different well-known websites in your niche.


Make sure your articles are well thought-through and highly professional.


Everything you write influences the future of your business page and the success of your Facebook marketing directly.


When you become a brand yourself, start quietly rerouting your people from the third-party sites to the website of your company and to your own business page.


9. Experiment


Dull everyday repetition can kill even the best marketing strategy, which is exactly why you need to improvise and mix these tricks up.


Also make your Facebook posts vivid: mix them up with images, videos, questions, quotes, blog posts, shared posts and anything else you can imagine.


Videos and images are proven to give business the increase in engagement, so use this chance.


By combining these tricks you can build a highly adaptive and successful strategy that will let you quickly gain respect and grow your following on Facebook.


With these tips you are ready for 2016!

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