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9 Tips For Creating a Killer Facebook Campaign

Facebook audience grows by the numbers every single day, and until the end of 2016 50% of Americans will possess Facebook accounts. That's a huge amount of people, which gives a skilled marketer a hint that Facebook as a tool of promoting one's brand should not be neglected.


The more efforts you put into your Facebook marketing strategy the better are the result and the bigger the audience you receive thanks to it.


However, simply working hard is not enough for succeeding on Facebook - as if it was ever easy, right?


To impress your targeted audience, you are going to need something more than hard work - you are going to need a well-thought strategy, uniqueness, creativity and courage to experiment and go beyond the traditional means of Facebook marketing.


Facebook ad platform is also one of the biggest, and it offers you vast possibilities to display the ads only to the people potentially interested in your products or services. Targeting is based on the potential clients' age, gender, location and even interests.


But after you've found your targeted audience you need to engage these people. And we at YBMG are here to help you do just that.


Here are 9 tips for using Facebook ad platform that you will definitely find interesting:


1. Limit the drop-off


If a user has to leave the platform in order to complete the action, he or she may decide they don’t really want to do it and cancel the action, which causes the rise of drop-off rate and limits the effectiveness of your ads.


That is why you can use new Facebook Lead Ads that allows your potential customer complete the given cation on the platform itself, without being redirected to another domain.


Lead Ads limit the drop-off greatly, and every observant marketer aiming to boost the effectiveness of his or her advertising campaign should use it.


2. Use Life Events targeting


Facebook gathers and contains loads of information about its users, and you can definitely use this knowledge to boost your sales and get the upper hand over your competitors.


For example, if you’re a party organizing company, targeting people who have upcoming birthdays or marriages might be the smartest strategy.


Life events are an interesting way to do additional targeting inside your targeted audience, thus boosting the effectiveness of the ads and reducing the costs of the advertisement, which is usually pay per click on Facebook.


3. Optimize your landing page


To avoid drop-off, you also need to make your landing page compelling for visitors whom you want to become your loyal customers. Make sure the landing page is relevant for your brand, looks professional and isn’t littered with unnecessary information.


Determine how many questions are needed for submission. It it’s too little, you cannot reach your information-gathering goals, but you can also scare off your potential customers by asking too many questions.


4. Set the clear objectives


Defining your aims is a necessary step for running a successful advertising campaign. Be strategic and precise, and also honest with yourself.


You can also divide your goals into long-term and short-term ones. For example, you can make “reaching 10,000 followers” a three-month goal while having a global goal which is to become a leading brand in your niche.


However, remember that a company without a clear goal cannot succeed.


5. Keep your page user-friendly


Make navigation and finding the necessary information easy, and people will return to your page over and over.


Don’t create the difficulties and trials for users wanting to see or buy your product – by doing so you are impaling your own progress and killing the chances that these people will ever return to your website.


6. Use both organic and paid techniques


Facebook’s new algorithm makes succeeding through organic growth only impossible, so to become effective and gain more followers you are going to need the combination of both.


Your posts on Facebook still have all the chances to go viral and bring you the nationwide popularity, but you cannot quite count on it. Which is why you will need to boost some of the posts you consider the most important.


7. Optimize the audience


Facebook has introduced the Audience Optimization tool. With its help, you’ll be able to improve the relevance of the posts to your targeted audience.


This is extremely important for the growing brands, especially for the ones that have several location and therefore their targeted audience may slightly wary from one to another.


8. Move to the new pixel


Facebook has introduced the new pixel, so in the middle of 2016 the old pixels will stop working. That is why you’d better get accustomed with a new one and also train your team so your effectiveness doesn’t fall after the switch to the new pixel.


9. Be ready for remarketing


If you see that your strategy doesn’t help even after the substantial efforts you’ve put into it, maybe the general direction was wrong from the start. That means you need a remarketing, and there is no need to be afraid of it.


Be flexible and be always ready to change in order to better connect with your customers.

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