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7 Tips to Success on Facebook

Every brand that wants to improve its visibility in the Internet needs to take into account the growing role of social media.


Without establishing a strong presence on all the main social platforms, namely Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn a company cannot create a presence strong enough to guarantee the brand the best results in the Internet advertising campaign.


Since you are only at the beginning of your marketing campaign, we would offer you to start from a single platform to practice and perfect your skills.


Facebook is the best social platform for the task – it is huge, the largest social platform in the world, it has great targeting and advertising options, and also allows you to make connections with people throughout the world – and reach exactly the people you need, who could be interested in buying your products.


So, let us start with Facebook.


Take a look at several tips that will help you build an effective and unique advertising strategy and promote your products or services.


1. Start with setting up a Facebook business page


It is extremely important that you keep as professional as possible while communicating with your followers on the Facebook page on the brand.


2. Content is extremely important


Facebook is not only a communication tool, but also a possibility to promote your materials and through them establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche.


Make sure that most of your content is unique. It is totally fine to repost something interesting occasionally, but you need to make your account important and useful for your followers. Is must contain information they cannot get from anywhere else.


3. Pay attention to Facebook Insights


Take note which of your updates get more attention and engagement, try to determine the patterns and modify your posting strategy accordingly to the data deceived.


You can modify your strategy even in the middle of the campaign and get the best results while introducing only the minor changes.


4. Offer your followers some bonuses


Support people who support you – find some rewards and bonuses for the people who actively engage with your posts, like, share them and take part in the discussions.


You can offer them small discounts or gifts, and sometimes even a simple acknowledgement is reward enough.


What is important is to show your followers and potential customers that you pay attention and genuinely care about them. 


5. Do not post irrelevant content


Make sure every update you post is of some value for your potential customers. Do not litter their feed with unnecessary kittens and flowers, however cute may those kittens be.


You need to show the professionalism. Follow all the important news in your niche and offer people genuine and expert commentaries on them.


Do not simply promote your product; find the creative ways to pique your potential customers’ curiosity.


6. Establish your brand’s face


Do not be that faceless and overly official page that you cannot truly distinguish from 100, 000 others. Create your brand a voice and a face.


Interact. Comment on important issues. Talk about your company’s values.


Show your followers that you’re here not for money only, but that you also want to make this world a better place.


7. Define your goals


You need to know why you are here. What are the goals you want to reach through establishing a strong Facebook presence? These goals will have a direct impact on the strategy you are going to need for your campaign.


Define whether you need more leads, traffic to the main website, conversions, brand awareness or boosting sales.


Then modify your strategy according to the goals you have chosen and start advancing your brand on Facebook.


These 7 easy tips will be a great help for a brand striving to gain recognition and grow your followers base.


Let us know in the comments if you have your own effective tips to offer.


We are sure with these tips your brand will shine and prosper!

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