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7 Tips For Taking Over Facebook

Do you want to attract more followers to your Facebook account?


Do you struggle to promote your business on Facebook?


Despite all the efforts your Facebook audience doesn’t grow?


Then this article is for you. It contains 7 tips that will help you boost your popularity on Facebook.


1. Use a Facebook like button on your website


The best way to turn your website’ visitors into followers is to use a Facebook Like button. It will enable the visitors to like your company or products right on the spot, without leaving the website.


The algorithm for adding a Like button to your website is simple: open the following hyperlink, enter the URL of your Facebook page and then - the code to your website. On the website you can place the button whenever you find best - in the sidebar, header or footer.


2. When you publish something on other websites, add your Facebook page to the bio


While filling your profile or bio on the website you’re writing for, take a minute to include a link to you Facebook page. If you can do it more than once, do it!


3. Use your company’s name


It is quite useful to connect your profile with your company’s page. When filling out the Work section in your Facebook profile, always add your company’s official page. It will give people opportunity to follow directly to it and learn more about the company and its products. Some will stay as new followers.


To add the link, you need to click on your personal About link and start editing Work and Education data. Then choose Add a Workplace option and select your company’s Facebook page. Make sure the visibility settings are set to Public.


4. Use a Facebook link in your signature


To attract more followers, add your Facebook page link in your email signature near your website link every time you write to your partners or customers.


You can create a professional email signature, that links to your website and social media accounts with the help of WiseStamp. Or you can create a simple email signature within your email service with the Like us on Facebook option.


5. Don’t forget other social platforms


There’s nothing wrong in occasionally asking your followers other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+ to like your Facebook page.


On Twitter and LinkedIn, you can create promoted tweets or sponsored updates to reach people who do not follow you yet  and reach the targeted audience you want to attract to your Facebook page.


6. Target the right audience


Promote Page option on your Facebook page isn’t the best way of reaching your targeted audience. Instead go to the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote your page. Facebook ads have an option of targeting your page promotion ads to the core audience you choose. Using Facebook ads gives you an opportunity to get involved Facebook’s powerful audience targeting system.


7. Don’t hesitate to create groups


Facebook groups allow you to interact with more people at once and have better perspectives of organic growth. You can devote group to your business, industry or even certain sphere of interest.


Facebook, if used right, is a powerful business tool. Take some time to make it work to your advantage!

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