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6 Tips to Build a Facebook Marketing Strategy

As popular ad Facebook is with individual users, it can be of much better use for companies and businesses trying to promote their products and services in the Internet.


The size of Facebook makes it the leading marketing channel for businesses both large and small. And by combining advertising and organic growth you can achieve outstanding results.


Facebook offers you grand possibilities to reach millions if not billions people from the different corners of the world. For example, as much a 2 billion people use Facebook on Android devices. That’s an enormous amount of potential clients, and you shouldn’t lose them.


However, being successful on Facebook goes beyond acquiring the maximum number of likes and shares under your posts.


After all, your ultimate goal as a marketer is to sell, not only to be popular. Moreover, mind that, getting people to buy your product is much more difficult than to make them like or share post or photo.


That is why you need to understand Facebooks peculiarities in order to learn how to sell with the help of the largest social platform in the world (it has more than 400 million users).  


Around 940 million of people use Facebook groups.


Furthermore, 68% of B2C companies and 45% B2B companies present on Facebook managed to acquire new customers thanks to it. Besides, most of the revenue Facebook gets is advertisement-based.


That is why the possibilities are fast, but the difficulties are quite serious too.


So in order to profit from your Facebook account you need to create a relevant promotion strategy that will make your account popular.


Take a look at 6 marketing tips that will help you develop such a strategy:


1. Create a company page


Company pages are easier to promote than personal ones, so make sure you have created a business page for your brand.


The next step is filling the description page with all the necessary information that your potential followers and customers might want to know about you.


2. Create a brand with a human face


Do not be that faceless brand that does nothing except for reposting boring company news and informing of the upcoming sales.


Nobody wants their news feed littered with the information they do not need – and if all you do is promote your business, people won’t follow you.


Show your potential followers and customers that your brand has lifestyle and values. Make sure you comment on the news relevant to your niche and your posts benefit both you and people who follow you.


3. Motivate people to follow you


There are plenty of ways to reward people who become your fans – from personal bonuses or discounts to small gifts. Using them is a great way to get the original critical mass of fans to start growing organically.


Make sure your costs do not exceed your gains, though. The balance is key here.


4. Be consistent


Your posts on Facebook should be focused on your targeted audience – people who would potentially be interested in your brand, product/services and your niche in general.


That is why you need to keep your posts relevant to your niche. Do not get overexcited about the general topic.


Make relevant comments and try to establish yourself as an opinion leader in your niche. It will also help you grow your following base.


5. Do not get overexcited about selling


There is nothing worse than to be annoying. People use Facebook primarily for communication, so they hate it when someone is obviously using their connection to push their products.


Do not be that irritating kind of brand.


Try to communicate and inform first, and sell later. Create a genuine bond with your audience – and selling will come easy.


6. Remember why are you doing it


Set a goal for every post you are writing. Remember what you are striving to achieve. There should be no meaningless posts in your feed.


If you follow this strategy you will easily succeed in promoting your brand on Facebook and boosting your sales.


Feel free to let us know how these tips worked for you, in the comments below!

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