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5 Things to Expect From Facebook in 2016

In 2016 you are going to need a new approach to the social media marketing in order for your brand to become truly successful.


And the main changes should happen in the largest of all the social networks, which is Facebook. In late 2015 - the beginning of 2016 Facebook has introduced some changes that a skilled marketer should pay attention to them and use them while building a promotion strategy for his or her brand.


Some changes are not for marketing only, but all of them can enhance your performance and open some brand new horizons.


So let's see what's new on Facebook together:


1. The speed of changes


Nowadays the features Facebook is introducing are changing with the speed of light. And that means you are going to be even faster - that is the only way to keep up.


Make sure you follow the experts on Facebook and regularly check out the new developments so there's not a single thing that you might miss!


Speed is everything, especially when we're talking Facebook.


Be fast or your brand will be as well as dead.


2. The importance of connection


Facebook has introduced the new response time feature in the end of 2016, and you can even get a special badge for your page if 95% of your responses are made in the matter of 5 minutes after the question was asked.


Might seem pretty hard at the first glance, however that badge can help your credibility a great deal. That is why if you have an SMM manager, try earning the said badge. There'll certainly be no harm in it.


Basically, the options of response time Facebook offers are the following: Within minutes; within an hour; within hours; within a day.


Choose the one you'd prefer to see on your page and start working!


You also might want to add the business hours if there is no SMM manager who's constantly online - this way customers and followers will know when not to contact you.


3. Go live


Facebook decided to bet on Livestream, and bet hard. At fist the only people who got to test the new feature were celebrities, but soon the livestream will become a widespread opportunity - and you should already start thinking of the ways you can use it!


By the way, iPhone users in USA already have that option.


The notifications of you going live will pop up in the feeds of the users who engage with you the most, so the feature is pretty impressive.


The video is high definition, the process of filming is easy - it's a real pleasure to record a Facebook livestream.


With this option you can start organizing live chats and find new ways to connect with your followers on more personal level, therefore motivating them to engage with your brand more often and become your devoted customers.


Use this unique chance to build trust, grow your brand awareness, generate leads and get more conversions than you have ever dreamt of!


Facebook livestream feature offers you this exclusive opportunity, so make sure you do not waste it.


All you need to do now is wait until the feature goes full live.


4. Check out the inbox changes


Guess what? Facebook has introduced some changes to your inbox. Actually, a lot of them. And you'd better learn what they are - and how can they help you.


Now the previous conversations are much easier to access.


You also get all the public info on the person you're currently speaking with in the right column.


There is also the "notes" option allowing you to distinguish between customers, fans, business partners and competitors.


Pretty useful, don't you think?


You can also prioritize the messages according to their importance (that is, if you have admin rights for the page; which you probably do).


5. You can make collages now


From now on you'll also be able to make collages out of your pictures, which is definitely beneficial for the marketers. You will have even more possibilities to show how awesome your products and services are - and all of these through unique and bright photos!


You can add title text to the photo in order to emphasize the message you want to deliver to your followers.


There are plenty of ways you can use this feature for the benefit of your brand - from introducing the workers to the customers and followers to telling your brands story.


Make sure you use only unique photos of highest quality!


With these 5 tips for 2016 your brand is destined for success in the New Year!

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