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5 Secrets of Boosting Your Brand With Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world - it has around 1,6 billion active users from all over the world. More than half of them visit the platform every day. Also, more and more people are accessing Facebook and other social media websites from their smartphones and tablets.


It means that Facebook is an aspiring marketer's treasure: by building the considerate presence on the platform you gain access to hundreds of millions people worldwide who can be potentially interested in your products or services.


However, at the same time Facebook's popularity means that competition for the followers and potential customers is going to be incredibly rough. In order to succeed, you need to use smart tactics that will help you stand out from the crowd.


If you want to find several marketing tactics that could give you an edge over your competitors and drive your sales.


Take a look at these five simple tips:


1. Reroute followers from your main website or other accounts


Facebook had introduced the Page Plugin tool which is extremely helpful in converting visitors of your main website into your Facebook followers.


What's more, it's extremely easy to use, and setting up the tool will take only several minutes of your time.


You can use Facebook for generating the code, or outsource the task by using some online plugins.


If you are new to this, you may as well start with the Facebook Widget which can help you customize the look of the box where your Facebook followers are displayed and makes joining them incredibly simple for the new visitors.


2. Make use of your cover image


Most business do not know how to use their cover images correctly, putting some simple logos or cute photos there.


In our opinion, that is a total waste of space that could be effectively used for promoting your business and endorsing your followers with new and useful information.


You can turn your cover image into an informational poster with ease, informing your fans of new events and offers.


Also, do not forget to use your cover image for the seasonal events, congratulating your followers on Christmas, Easter or Independence Day.


Make sure your cover image answers the Facebook's dimensions requirements: 851x315 pixels.


3. Use your cover image popup


You have a possibility to add some description text to your cover image, and you should better use it if you want to be successful.


No detail should be left unattended, and the cover image popup is a great opportunity to give your visitors a bit more information about your brand and the products and services it has to offer.


You can indeed turn this description space into a short summaries of the topics you cover in your blog, for example.


You can also tell them about some bonuses your new subscribers get.


With this tool, you can easily get more leads and draw the attention of your potential Facebook followers.


4. Be careful with pushing your products


Even though selling your products is what you are actually here for, it doesn't mean you can shamelessly load your followers' news feeds with posts promoting your products and not containing any actual value except for that.


You need to create a genuine connection with your followers if you want them to keep following your brand and become your loyal customers, raising your brand awareness, liking and recommending your company.


Communicate with them on the most important events in your niche, offer them some professional tips and expertise.


5. Encourage followers to like your business page


Facebook allows you to promote your business page's URL via your personal profile. With the help of this tactic, you'll get much more traffic to your business webpage, rerouting your followers from the main one.


The algorithm is pretty simple: you choose the About tab on your personal space and edit the Work and Education tab by adding the working link to your business page. You'll quickly see your business page views and likes go up.


Now every person who hovers up over your brand's name will see the Business page popup and will get the possibility to learn more.


With these tips, building a name for your brand in social media, especially Facebook, should not be a problem for you.


Let us know how did these tips influence your results, in the comments below!

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