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4 Brilliant Ideas for Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the top-earning social media platform – in its earnings call in the end of January the company had reported more than $1 billion profit. And a total revenue of the company was $5,84 billion, out of which $5,63 were received from ads.


That should be a sign for you that Facebook is a great place to promote your brand – earn both loyal customers and money.


The best marketers in the world already know it, and the others tune in fast – last time we checked, Facebook had more than 2 million advertisers active on the platform.


However, being present on Facebook does not necessarily mean you are doing everything right. Without a proper strategy and knowledge you might as well be burning the money you have spent on the advertising campaign.


However, it is never too late to fix this sad situation: all you need to do is to learn several simple tips that will allow you boost your results without wasting large sums of money.


We have prepared four tips you can start with:


1. Targeting is crucial


Facebook ad manager allows you to determine the people you want to show your post to, in quite the specific terms. You can target them according to the location, age, gender, interests, level of education and so on.


This way you won’t be spending money in vain.


However, being too precise can create problem of the too-narrow audience without the potential to widening it, which clearly is not what you desire.


To see which categories prefer your products, you need to use the Age and Gender option Facebook ad manager offers, and you’ll receive the full data on the views, clicks and likes from the different demographics.


As soon as you know who’s interested, you can make your targeting options more precise and stop wasting money.


2. Use the conversion pixel


Your ad campaign isn’t ready until you have created a conversion pixel for it. It is a must no matter what your main goal is – leads sales or new emails.


Conversion pixel is a device designed to track your CPA (cost per acquisition).


Without tracking conversions, you have no means of knowing whether your campaign is running successfully and how to boost your performance further.


The pixel will get you all the data you need in order to modify your campaign and deal with the unpredicted weaknesses.


3. Right timing


Timing is crucial for getting the results with people, because they obviously cannot pay attention to even the most brilliant of your ads while asleep.


Which means you have lots of important stuff to consider before clicking “publish”: the time zones, the most effective hours of the day, and so on.


With the help of Ads manager, you can also sort the ads by time, setting ones to be displayed on Sunday mornings, and the others on Wednesday nights, for example.


4. Placement options


Another important metric to analyze in the Ad manager is the placement.


With the help of this option, you can determine how well are you performing on PC, and how well - on the tablets and smartphones.


Once you learn which options bring you the results and which don’t, you can change your advertising strategy accordingly.


Analyzing placement is extremely important – no advertising campaign success is ensured unless this matter is taken care of.


Facebook Ad manager offers a smart marketer a wide variety of options that can be used to your brand’s benefit.


All you need to do is embrace these possibilities and build a smart strategy of conquering Facebook.


Take these 4 tips into account and proceed immediately!

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