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4 Best Tools for Advertising on Facebook

In the new age of technology marketing possibilities seem vast and endlessly expanding. New social platforms are born every day, and the sites for creating the online presence become more and more diverse. However, there still is one indomitable leader among them all - a leader that manages to hold his own against the new and rebranded social platforms.


The name of this leader is Facebook. This is the largest social platform in the world, the one that offers the broadest range of opportunities to its users.


What do we mean? Well, you know that Instagram is directed primarily to posting photos of food and cute kittens - generally speaking, of course. Twitter is for short news stories and witty one-liners - texts not exceeding 140 characters. LinkedIn is designed  for business connections, YouTube for videos. Foursquare is for local businessmen, and Tumblr is Instagram for young adults. If you want to publish some serious analytics, you'd better do it in your blog.


Yet only Facebook, somewhat paradoxically, combines them all.


It's a social platform that gives you an opportunity to combine various types of content to get best results - it treats photos and videos equally, and even an extremely lengthy text has a real chance to go viral on Facebook - provided the content is worth it.


Facebook also has the broadest demographics - from teenagers to seniors, and also tools to target precisely the segment you currently need.


Options that Facebook offers to marketers aren't limited to boosting your posts. Opportunities are vast - simply take a look at  Power Editor, Business Manager, Facebook Ads Manager. We will probably see more of advertisin


Right now the most powerful tool the platform has to offer is Facebook Ads Manager. This tool is neatly designed to satisfy the needs of the client seeking to boost his business.


However, to get the benefits you are looking for you need to get acquainted with the possibilities that Facebook Ads Manager has to offer.


Let us review the most vital Facebook Ads Manager tools:


1. Save the audience presets


The days when Power Editor was the only way for a marketer to create and manage a custom audience are gone. With all due respect to the good old Power Editor - the new options open new horizons for the  brand promotion.


And you'll definitely regret missing out an opportunity to boost your results through customizing you audience.


Now Facebook Ads Manager allows you to save the chosen audience that has been found based on a wide range of characteristics: age, gender, location, behavior etc. Then you can use these choices in planning and running your Facebook advertising campaigns.


After you've saved the audience you can use it as the target of any of your future Facebook Ads campaign. All you need to do is to check the box that allows you to save the audience and budget while you create your campaign.


It can save you a great deal of time if you run a lot of campaign simultaneously.


This option can also be used to test new audience, naming them differently and checking their performance.


2. Advertising on Instagram


Since Facebook has acquired Instagram for quite a respectable sum of money, it has also became possible to place Instagram ads via Facebook. And that's great news for people intending to boost their brand's performance.


The algorithm is quite simple, and you won't have to go through the great deals of pain and suffering in order to achieve the goal set before you.


All you need to do is to perform several quick actions that quite easy to remember.


First thing that you need to do is to connect your brand's Instagram account to the company's business page on Facebook. After that you will need to draft the advertisement in Facebook Ads Manager and choose Instagram Feed placement.


Instagram ads are useful for achieving several objectives from website clicks to building the link mass conversions and video views and boosting the engagement.


You can sort this out easily through the Facebook Ads Manager.


3. Meet the Pixel


Almost every person familiar with Facebook advertising knows about the conversion tracking pixel and the peculiarities of its use. Most people are used to dealing with it almost on a daily basis.


Quite recently, Facebook made a decision to upgrade the aforementioned pixel. In the second half of next year it is going to replace the old one and track conversions, audiences and events.


That is why you'd better get familiar with it while there is still time to practice.


You can easily generate the Facebook pixel in the Facebook Ads Manager by choosing the Tools option and then acting in a total accordance with the instructions provided.


With its help you will get a hold of your tracking and conversion data in no time!


4. Create customized reports


Creating particularly organized reports has also become easier with Facebook Ads Manager. Now you are not limited to tracking the campaign objective metrics anymore.


Facebook added a whole new lists of opportunities for us to track: video and photo engagement, delivery, engagement and so on, then break the data down based on delivery, time/date and action, and then export the resulting list to Excel.


Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? Well, it gets better.


You also get the Audience Insights option which allows you to learn more about your most engaged audience - posts they like, places they live, movies they watch. And all of that can prove extremely useful.


Now you'll be able to dig deeper into the tastes of your core audience, learning how to connect with them and turn them into the most devoted customers of yours - all thanks to the Facebook Ads Manager!


Now that you know how to use this tool to the best of your benefit you can easily surpass your competitors.


Open the Facebook Ads Manager and start exploring!


Do you think some of its tools are even more indispensable? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

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