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15 Tips for Achieving Success on Facebook

Facebook is an invaluable platform for each business that is planning a promotional campaign. Its vast availability – you can reach it from almost every corner of the world, its audience that makes Facebook the largest social platform ever, and its user-friendly advertisement options make it a must.


You can reach the exact audience you are chasing after, as Facebook’ targeting options are pretty diverse: you can pick your targeted audience based on their gender, age, location, level of education and interests.


However, to create a professional advertising campaign and get your company the conversions and leads it deserves you need careful planning and a well thought-through strategy.


In order to help you build such strategy we are offering you several simple tips that will come in handy for promoting your brand on Facebook.


Keep in mind these 15 easy secrets to success on the largest social platform in the world:


1. Your profile and posts should be professional yet creative. People tend to respect punctuality and professional tone from the brands they are following. However, you need to be interesting to read – do not bore your followers with dry statistics.


2. Remember that posts that include photos or videos get up to 30% more engagement. Choose only the high quality photos and video materials. Make your page colorful so it stands out among the competitors.


3. To stand out, create a compelling and high quality profile photo and photo for your timeline. You can choose your brand colors to make them look more professional.


4. Link all the content you publish to your Facebook page. If you have a blog make sure you write short summaries for each entry and include the links into the Facebook posts.


5. Be active on Facebook. Your followers and potential customers will greatly appreciate if you will react to their comments and messages as quickly as possible. You can even earn a special badge for your page if you reply to each message within several minutes. You should pay extra attentions to every comment that includes a complaint or a request for customer service.


6. Create quality content. Try taking your Facebook page more seriously. You have a possibility to share some insights here and establish yourself as an opinion leader.


7. Encourage people with contests. Make sure you hold small contests once in a while to reward and interest your followers.


8. Do not forget about people who are already following you. Giving some bonuses to the most loyal of your followers can be a great idea. Show people you truly care about them and not only want them for the general count.


9. Use Facebook ads. You can invest relatively small amounts of money and yet receive a huge output. Facebook ads are a great way to connect with larger groups of people and greatly widening your reach, which is even more important now as Facebook has launched the algorithm that makes fully organic growth almost impossible.


10. Post regularly. If you update your page often people will know they need to check it out every day or two.


11. Every post you are publishing should contain some new information that could be useful to your followers. Do not overload their news feeds with unnecessary informational garbage.


12. Promote your Facebook page whenever possible. Start from adding Facebook buttons to your website’ main page and include buttons or hyperlinks to your mailing list.


13. Set yearly and monthly goals and use Facebook insights in order to learn whether you are keeping up with the pace.


14. If the results are not quite what you expected, try analyzing the engagement your posts get and modifying your strategy right in the middle of the campaign.


15. Ask your customers for reviews. That’s the best way to motivate other people to buy your products. People trust other ordinary people more than they do marketers.


With these simple steps you will learn to promote your business via Facebook in no time.


Share your own insights on conquering Facebook in the comments section below!

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