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14 Tips to Lead With Facebook

While setting up a Facebook page for your brand, remember the rules are not quite so as in organizing a personal one. The rules for creating a successful business page are more strict but at the same time possibilities are near endless.


With Facebook audience ratcheting up to 1,4 billion fans you can easily make your company a sheer winner.


However you cannot just create a Facebook page and expect your audience to grow. With so many Facebook pages out there you will have to try hard in order to get noticed and receive your own fans and new customers.


We’ve chosen several cunning tips that will help you along the way.


1. Your profile picture must stand out


First step in organizing your business account is choosing the profile picture that will be easily recognized by your customers-to-be and will look appealing to them.


The possibilities here vary – you can simply go with company logo or even use your own image (if you’re recognizable enough) to create a more personal connection.


You also shouldn’t forget about Facebook requirements when choosing a photo. Keep the format 180X180 pixels for the best result.


2. Strengthen it with a bright cover photo


The next step is picking an appealing cover. Since it’s the largest image you will have on your page, make sure it’s of the highest quality and also looks pleasant to your visitors.


Considering the format, Facebook accepts 851X315 images. To make sure what dimensions you need you can check this cover photo template.


3. Add the links to your website to both profile picture and cover photo


Adding the additional data to your main images may be a great help in luring more people to your website.


Before adding the links make sure you have shortened them in advance so they’ll be easy to remember and follow. Also make sure they are not broken.


4. Combine your profile picture and cover photo


For a better effect you might want to integrate your cover photo and profile picture – organize them in the same style so your page looks more stylish and professional.


5. Use Facebook’s new tool Call-to-action


By adding a call-to-action button to your cover photo you can motivate customer to Sign up, Shop now, Contact, Book now, Use app, Watch video and Play game – those are the options Facebook offers up to date.


After adding a button of your choosing you can customize it with an appropriate URL.


That is a smart way to reroute traffic from your Facebook page directly to your website.


The algorithm is the following: click on the “Create call-to-action” option on your cover photo, choose the button you prefer and include the desired URL. The “View insights” option will help you see how much engagement you get.


6. Don’t forget to fill the About section + add the milestones


The most important section of your Facebook page is the About section. This is where you fill in all the crucial data about your brand, achievements, its goals and features.


You should provide both short description and a more detailed one customers can view by clicking on the “expand” option.


To edit your About section, simply click on the pencil icon.


Another option to customize your page is to add Milestones – day when the company was founded, days of is most outstanding achievements and the other important timelines. This will help your potential customers learn more about your brand’s lifestyle and history and therefore form a closer connection.


7. Liven up your Timeline with photos and videos


People are much more likely to engage posts containing either photos or videos, according to recent studies.


You can add Photos and Videos apps to your page for better engagement. Make sure the dimensions are correct and the content is appropriate by Facebook standards.


8. Use different types of content


You should vary the content you are posting as much as possible. Don’t merely stick to photos and videos. Post quizzes, calls to action, tell stories, give advice and share the experience.


Don’t forget to optimize your content for Facebook sharing.


9. Choose how often will you update


You should strategize on the question how often will you update your Facebook page. Posting multiple times a day might be useful in the short run, but it will eventually tire out your fans and even make them unfollow you.


So keep up the good work and maintain a healthy balance between appearing in the News Feed and making everybody hate you by thrashing it.


The best way is to post once in 3-4 hours.


10. Move crucial posts to the top


Facebook allows you to pin your most important posts to the top of your page so it doesn’t get squeezed out by the newer posts.


Pinned posts can help you promote new initiatives, inform your followers of the bargains, contests or your brand’s latest achievements.


The algorithm is the following: click at the right upper corner of your post and select pin-to-top option. The limitation is one pinned post at once, though.


11. Configure your message settings


Here you must decide whether you wish to give your followers an opportunity to send you private messages. You can enable or disable this option in the Messages tab if you’re the administrator of your business page.


It’s better to enable the option, but only if you genuinely have time to respond, otherwise it may seriously hurt your image.


12. Engage with the followers and respond to the comments


Notification option is a great way for you to monitor all the comments and mention you receive and answer those that need engagement.


If you regularly communicate with your followers and show them their opinion matters, they will be more likely to come back to you.


13. Promote your page


Facebook offers a business option that will help you to widen your reach and get more followers. It costs money, but it is also a worthwhile investment.


14. Follow the data


Check how have your attempts been paying off with the help of Facebook Insights option. It shows you how many engagement your posts have, which tactics brings you a following increase and helps in getting new fan.


Facebook insights is a great marketing analysis platform if you know how to use it.


With these tips – and a little budget to use Facebook advertisement option to you advantage – you can be successful as ever!

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