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10 Tips to Make Your Brand a Facebook Winner

Nowadays every brand tries Facebook marketing but only few manage to succeed. Businesses establish social media presence in order to grow their following and boost their sales. However, this task is not as easy as it may seem from the first glance.


Facebook is a huge social platform with 1.3 billion active users per month. Which means there are not only many potential customers, but a lot of competition, too.


That is why your success will largely depend of the promotional strategy you are going to adopt, and it is better to think it through.


We want to offer you several tips that will ease the process – and make your brand’s results downright awesome!


1. Film it


Right now Facebook made a bet on its own videos, trying to suppress YouTube, which has previously been close to being a monopolist in the sphere.


To you, it means by posting Facebook videos you make sure more people will see them since Facebook is interested in promoting its own video service.


That is a win-win situation for both you and the platform.


Use videos for marketing – tell funny and entertaining stories, invent something new and exciting.


You can also use a variety of online tools to make your videos look better and edit them – you do not need to be a talented filmmaker to succeed and attract your followers.


All you need is creativity and eagerness!


2. Facebook buttons are a must


The so-called Call to action buttons are another creative way to transform your followers and fans into your buying customers.


Facebook has introduced a Buy button in certain regions. The introduction of this button is supposed to make purchasing your products easier.


If the testing goes as it should, Buy button will change the Facebook marketing forever.


With it, users will be able to make purchases with a single click.


No matter what it is that you offer – goods, services, experiences – you can go forward with it. Customize your button with unique text to make it more original and attractive.


For example, if you offer hotel service, you can simply change your button to Book it – short, simple and brilliant!


3. Photos are still trending


Did you know that posts containing pictures get up to 30% more engagement on Facebook? Moreover, in 2014 out of 1.2 million Facebook posts 75% contained pictures.


Posting pictures, especially if they are colorful, high quality and unique will help you not to get lost in the mix of posts by your friends and competitors.


Make sure all the pictures you are posting are unique and relevant.


Be funny, keep the message simple and digestible, yet professional and smart – and you’ll get tons of likes and shares!


4. Mind your cover photo


Don’t think that by getting yourself a nice cover photo in brand colors you did everything right and can rest now.


Update your cover photo occasionally.


It can be a great opportunity to inform your followers of the new offers, sales, upcoming events and popular products.


It also shows you are active, creative and put an effort into managing your Facebook page, which means good publicity with your followers.


Devote some time to update your cover photo to add to your image!


However, keep in mind few things that will help to do it more effectively:


- Change your photo at least once in a month;


- Add links, description and calls to action to your photo;


- Promise something useful to the followers in your description;


- Integrate the image with your profile picture;


- Don’t forget about the right dimensions: 851 x 315 pixels.


5. Share big photos


When you promote a blog post or something else you’re posting, choose the option that allows you to upload the bigger picture, not the auto-generated link.


By doing so, you’ll attract more attention form the followers, and as a result, generate more traffic for the website that your link leads to.


Trust us: people love big and colorful photos.


6. Use the magic of the contest


Contests are an effective and a fun way to drive your engagement and attract new followers and customers.


Here are the advantages of organizing a contest:


- Contests help you to understand the needs of your customers better;


- They give you a chance to talk more about your brand’s personality and lifestyle.


Make sure that the contests are designed in a way that is suitable for mobile devices, too.


Also, promote the contest whenever possible – on all of your websites, social media accounts, banners etc.


7.Use the fan-created content


Your followers can become the biggest source of unique content that you have. Do not hesitate to use this source.


Share their posts and encourage people to tell about your experience with your brand.


Show them that you care and think their opinion really matters.


You can simply ask your fans for a permission to use a good photo or drawing. Try that and the results will truly amaze you!


8. Do you use the questions?


Quizzes, questions and surveys are said to get more attention than plain text posts.


Do not forget to use them frequently. By posting a survey, you achieve two goals at once – you drive your engagement and at the same time get to know the interests and needs of the people who are following you.


Call that a double win.


9. Let people speak their minds


Testimonials are a great way to promote your brand – people tend to trust the individual reviews. Even if the commentary is not as great as you’ve expected, reach out, offer some ideas, ask for people’s opinion – in other words, show that you care.


Also, instead of posting plain texts about how great you are, post a photo gallery or a video that will, in fact, speak for itself.


It also goes without saying you should keep your events colorful and interesting.


10. Share it, promote it, put a hashtag on it


Use tags, locations, add people to your posts, share the mentions of yourself and always try to reach out and give meaningful feedback as soon as possible.


Use the trending hashtags and invent the branded ones – especially for contests, sales and special events that you are organizing.


Encourage your fans to use your branded hashtags, too!


So, you’ve received the tips on how to succeed in your Facebook marketing campaign, but there are also few general rules to remember:


- Post frequently;


- Use Facebook insights to modify your strategy;


- Communicate, not only sell;


- Do not overpost.


Follow these rules – and your campaign will make your brand a winner on Facebook!

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