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10 Tips for Succeeding on Facebook

Promoting a small business on Facebook can be quite costly. Especially with the new algorithm introduced by Facebook, which decreased the engagement for the unpaid posts greatly.


However, you can still increase your following greatly without paying a dime for it.


We gathered 10 Facebook tips that will lead you through this process and get you engagement, new followers and a lot of potential customers.


Read them below:


1. Create a distinguishing cover photo


Cover photo is the first thing your visitors and potential customers see when they open your page.


Since you want to create a pleasant first impression, you must make sure your cover photo is of highest quality. The dimensions must be done right, and the colors must be edited so that the overall image looks pleasant.


If you have no money to hire a professional designer, that isn't a reason to despair, since there are plenty of online tools that can do that job for you. And, mind that, most of them are absolutely and deliciously free!


Canva, for example, is one of the most convenient tools. It has special layouts designed exclusively for Facebook cover photos, so you can use it without any fears or reservations.


2. Add people to your mailing list carefully


Remember that Facebook always limits your communication with your fans as it chooses who will see your posts and how often they see those posts.


That is why once you are confident un your fans you should consider moving them to your mailing list so that from now on you will be the one in charge of how your communication goes, and not Facebook algorithms.


To motivate your fans to stay  in your mailing list, offer them some valuable bonuses from time to time. Maybe a small contest is in order.


3. Remember that questions provoke discussions


In order to communicate with your fans, not only to transmit one-way messages to them, try to post information ending with the questions.


Questions show that you care about your customers' opinion, that you want to hear out their arguments.


Questions motivate the followers and even newcomers to join the discussion.


Especially when the question is contradictory enough.


4. Use Facebook Insights


Facebook Insights analytics tool provides you with the possibility to learn which posts work best with your audience and which ones don't resonate as well as it was planned by your team.


And knowledge is a half of victory - armed with knowledge, you can modify your strategy even during the advertising campaign and therefore gradually increase your performance and brand awareness.


Don't forget to check out the Insight regularly in case something changed.


5. Use image quotes


Did you know posts containing images receive 30% more engagement on Facebook?


Well, that is true. Also, most of Facebook users seem strangely infatuated with quotes, so combining them means creating an absolute win-win strategy,


There are loads of free tools that will allow you to overlay a funny or philosophical quote on an image you've chosen.


We guarantee you'll get much more likes and comments than usually.


6. Browse for more ideas


Your posts get no engagement besides all of the best efforts? Perhaps you simply failed to catch what's trending right now.


Internet offers loads of free tools like Buzzsumo that you can browse in order to find the trending topics and get more content ideas.


7. Offer bonuses


Make people know they can get a reward for interacting with your brand. Create a link subscription-bonuses in their mind.


After all, 42% of people like pages to receive deals off or coupons.


Facebook also allows you to create a free Facebook offer, so don't forget to use it to your advantage.


8. Post link updates


While promoting your brand or website keep in mind that sharing link updates can increase your median reach up by 70%, and clicks - by 10%.


Try this strategy and you won't regret it.


9. Integrate your Facebook account with your website


You can use Facebook buttons and badges on your main website.


It will help you relocate some of traffic to your Facebook account, especially if your account is new and therefore desperately needs promotion.


A strong website can actually offer a helping hand.


10. Post regularly


Make your readers addicted to you. Let them count when the next post is going to appear, make them refresh your page every hour or so.


Such strategy is the best way to get your audience's respect and trust.


Not only post, but also react to other posts and answer all the private messages you receive.


So, here are the 10 ways to succeed on Facebook without endorsing it with money.


Maybe you know some more useful  data? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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