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Hitting It With the Foursquare

How to make your business generate more income? How to make you brand recognizable? Start from making your website discoverable. People will gladly visit shops that are located in the neighborhood, customer-friendly shops that will offer help if needed.


Update your geo-location with Foursquare so that potential customers will know where to find you!


And here are several tips that will help you to get the most out of your Foursquare account:


1. Start a Venue


This is a basic step for registering at Foursquare. As soon as you claim the venue on the website, you receive access to updating information about your shop & brand.


You can also post different offers and promotions to attract new customers to your shop.


2. Reach Your Targeted Audience


To make this work, you need to keep our existing customers interested and attract new ones. With Foursquare, communication with your targeted audience is easy. You can generate a questionnaire or a poll, or share news about an event or a location to engage your targeted Foursquare users.


3. Offer specials


Encourage the customers that are loyal to your brand. Offer them some special deals as a reward. For that, you can use the Special Icon from Foursquare.


4. Encourage Check-ins


Daily 86% of Foursquare users check into places, and it can help you generate targeted traffic for your website.  People telling their friends and colleagues that they visited your shop will attract more customers. You can also offer small rewards or compliments for check-ins.


5. Share tips


You can use Foursquare tips to get more traffic for your website. Share something interesting, make people talk about it – and you’ll get a neverending flow of visitors to your website. Without any paid ads, by the way.


Foursquare has over 6 million users and the number is increasing every day. And all of them can become your targeted audience.


Don’t forget to use Foursquare to make your venue a hit!


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