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About the Yellow Blue Media Group

Yellow Blue Media Group is a company that has been uniting 119 professionals from 5 countries for 8 years now. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of YBMG employees, over 300 projects have been implemented so far. We are actively working on 30 more.

Our team includes project managers, marketing experts, screenwriters, animators, SMM managers, PR managers, content managers, translators, developers, programmers, web designers, product designers, system and web analysts, SEO specialists, testers and cybersecurity experts.

Our main lines of work are: are search engine reputation management – SERM; development of creative, viral Internet campaigns; collection and processing of specialized information in hard-to-reach markets.

In 2014, we started offering services in cybersecurity. We can conduct the audit of information security (web services audit, IS consulting, server security audit, application security research). We offer corporate solutions (competitive intelligence, brand protection, creation and implementation of security policies, protection from unauthorized information retrieval devices, etc). We also administer servers (offering protection against DDoS attacks, encryption of computers and servers, server configuration and optimization, server security settings, system integration). Our employees also conduct people search based on digital data, collect digital evidence, conduct cyber investigations both against individuals and companies.

In 2017-2018 we plan to develop and launch several scalable startups.

The more nontrivial is the task, the more eager are our professionals to best it. We enjoy the most complex tasks that require full mobilization of our intellectual and technological resources. Contact us at

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